Laser Therapy

How Does Laser Therapy Work?

Laser therapy is a dermatological procedure that uses lasers to smooth and refine the surface of the skin while also reinvigorating the layers of skin below. Laser resurfacing uses an intense beam of light directly on the surface of the skin to destroy the very outer layer or epidermis. The laser’s heat also addresses the skin below the epidermis, stimulating the production of collagen in the dermis which results in tighter skin tone and smoother texture over time. Getting good results with laser resurfacing can take several sessions. Your dermatologist can consult with you about the best approach for your needs.

Conditions Treated by Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is one of the most popular procedures used in the world of dermatology. It can address a wide range of conditions related to aging sun damage and scarring. Conditions that can see great results through laser resurfacing include acne scarring and damage, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, warts and enlarged pores in the nose. Given that the laser is designed to create some minor damage in the skin, patients should expect some recovery time after treatment. If you would like to explore what laser therapy can do for your skin, speak with your dermatologist today.

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