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How Does Isolaz Work?

Many acne treatments only address acne on the surface of the skin and not below it. Isolaz technology is an alternative that combines vacuum with a broadband light to address acne below the surface of the skin. The vacuum helps to loosen and extract dirt from the pores eliminating blackheads and reducing skin oils from deep within the pores. The light in Isolaz technology then destroys the bacteria that causes acne and also reduces facial redness. A significant advantage of Isolaz technology is that it works well on both light and dark complexions.

Conditions Treated by Isolaz

Isolaz is a deep pore acne treatment that works well on a wide range of acne and skin conditions. An exception is cystic lesions or acne which should not be addressed with Isolaz. By addressing the root cause of acne, this technology can give patients long-lasting relief from this complex skin condition. If you want to explore your options with Isolaz, speak with your dermatologist and see if it is the right fit for you.

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