Surgical Scar Revision

How Does Surgical Revision Work?

Surgical revision is a treatment option for those who wish to reverse the appearance of scars on the body. Scar revision surgery works to minimize the appearance of a scar so that it better blends in with the color and texture of the skin that surrounds it. One popular technique is known as Z-plasty. In this surgical revision, a surgeon cuts along the side of a scar, creating angled flaps. These flaps are then repositioned to change the direction of the scar and interrupt the pool of the scar on the surrounding tissue. Recovery time from a surgical revision can take one to two weeks and can involve localized swelling, discomfort and discoloration. When performed successfully, a surgical revision can significantly reduce the look and feel of scar tissue.

Conditions Treated by Surgical Revision

Surgical scar revision is used primarily to address scars left from trauma or previous surgeries. While these scars may not cause physical pain, they can cause emotional and psychological pain for the individual. Surgical revisions are minor surgeries and as such should be considered carefully. If you are interested in exploring how surgical scar revision can help you address an unwanted scar, speak with a medical professional today to discuss your options.

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