Dupixent Treatments

How Does Dupixent Work?

Dupixent is a drug that when injected into the skin, works at blocking a specific protein known as an interleukin. It prevents this protein from binding to its cell receptor. Since interleukins can go haywire in those with immune disorders or inflammatory conditions, Dupixent is key in stopping the body from, in essence, attacking itself. By limiting the ability of interleukins to overreact as an immune response, Dupixent lessens the number and severity of symptoms associated with certain conditions.

Conditions Treated by Dupixent

Dupixent is used primarily in the treatment of moderate to severe atopic dermatitis and eczema. As a biologic injectable, Dupixent is a very powerful drug and should only be administered by a medical professional. If you are considering using Dupixent, consult with your physician to determine your best course of action.

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