Brightening Peels

Brightening peels are chemical peels formulated to target pigmentation, including stubborn melasma and sunspots. They can also help improve overall skin tone and texture to smooth and brighten skin. We offer two levels of brightening peels in increasing strength. The higher level will result in longer post-procedure peeling but will see improvement in fewer treatments. Both levels are safe for all skin types. These peels are not recommended if you are pregnant or nursing.

What Will The Procedure Feel Like?

Each treatment is approximately 30 minutes long. The skin will be cleansed and degreased. A protective ointment will be placed to the corners of the eyes, nose and mouth. The peels are then performed in two steps. The first layer is applied and left on the treatment area for approximately 10 minutes. During this time a mild stinging sensation may be felt. Then, the second and final layer consisting of either a solution or mask is applied to the treatment area. This will remain on the skin after the procedure and the patient will wash it off after a number of hours as directed by their provider.

Do I Have To Do Anything To Prepare in Advance?

  • Avoid sun exposure four weeks before and after treatment.
  • Self-Tanners and/or Spray Tans should be avoided for at least one weeks prior to your treatment.
  • Stop products containing retinoids, alpha hydroxy (glycolic) acids, beta hydroxy (salicylic) acids, benzoyl peroxide and hydroquinone at least one week before procedure.
  • Avoid any other exfoliating products that may be drying/irritating and waxing one week before and after the procedure.
  • If you have a history of cold sores, be sure to notify your doctor prior to your procedure, so that you can be given a medication to reduce the chance of a breakout

What Will I Look Like Afterwards?

Patients will leave with the final layer of the in-office procedure on their face and be instructed to wash it off after a certain number of hours, therefore it is important that patients go directly home after the treatment. The treatment area may have a light-yellow tinge immediately after removal of the solution/mask. This is temporary and will fade in a few hours. During the days following, the area may be red and you may experience itching and/or irritation as the area begins to flake. Avoid sun exposure for four weeks following the treatment and apply a sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30 and zinc oxide as an active ingredient. Exercise should be avoided the first 48 hours after the treatment and makeup should be avoided while the skin is peeling.Downtime is dependent on the level of peel performed:

  • Brightening micro peel (level 1): Two to three days of redness similar to a mild windburn with flaking that will begin around 48 hours post procedure and continue for 2-5 days. We recommend purchasing post-procedure cleanse and post-procedure moisturizing complex to lessen downtime and speed healing. Your provider may recommend Brighten Up or another lightening product to increase results. It is also important to use a daily sunscreen as recommended. (A kit of the cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen is included for those patients who purchase a package of three treatments.)
  • Brightening HP peel (level 2): Four to seven days of redness with flaking/peeling that will begin around 48 hours post procedure and continue for one week. A kit with post-procedure cleanse, post-procedure soothing balm, post-procedure moisturizing complex, brightening cream and post-procedure protect is included. These products should be used as directed for four to six weeks. Results are dependent on consistent use as they amplify and continue the results of the in-office procedure. The skin can be more sensitive, pink and have peeling/flaking during the four to six weeks the products are used.

When Will I See Results?

Results will vary per patient and realistic expectations will be discussed during your first treatment. Having a good at home regimen will help attain optimum results. In addition, smoking, excessive alcohol and excessive sun exposure will limit results. Results are less dramatic when chemical peels are utilized for prevention and maintenance (treatments spaced greater than one month apart) than when utilized in a more frequent, treatment oriented protocol.

Who Cannot Have the Treatment?

Both levels are safe for all skin types. These peels are not recommended if you are pregnant or nursing.

How Many Treatments are Necessary?

With a series of treatments and consistent use of the post procedure products, one can expect to see improvement in pigmentation along with improvement in texture and tone. It is crucial that patients protect the area from sun by limiting exposure and applying sunscreen consistently. Maintenance treatments will be needed. Typical Treatment Protocol:

  • Brightening micro peel (level 1): Four to six peels spaced two to four weeks apart
  • Brightening HP peel (level 2): Two to four peels spaced two to three months apart

Before and After Photos

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