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Your Chicago - Oak/Elmwood Park Dermatologist

We take a personal approach to the care and needs of every patient. Our ground floor location is wheelchair accessible and open every day and many evenings. We are a Medicare-friendly office. Dr. Berne has over 25 years of experience and specializes in geriatric dermatology, but sees patients from the age of five and older.

Some of our services include total body photography (mole mapping via photo-documentation), Varilite diode laser for cosmetic treatment of lesions, and Narrow-Band UVB (32 bulb) phototherapy for psoriasis, vitiligo and certain inflammatory skin conditions. Visit our Services page for more information.

Our board-certified doctors and providers make continuing education a priority, in order to maintain the highest level of current knowledge regarding diagnoses, treatments and techniques.

New Services!

Botox and Women’s Dermatology

Dr. Emily Stevenson now offers Botox! This is one of many new services Dr. Stevenson brings to Dermatology + Aesthetics.

Additionally, with a specialized interest in women’s dermatology, Dr. Stevenson can treat:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Hormonal acne
  • PCOS
  • Hair loss
  • Skin changes with pregnancy
  • Vulvar Dermatology

Personalized Dermatology Care for All Ages

We treat a wide variety of medical dermatology conditions for children over the age of five and adults, with customized treatment plans based on your individual needs. Here are just a few examples of conditions we can help with.

Meet Our Dermatology Providers

Our local providers are top dermatologists and advanced practice providers with extensive experience in general and cosmetic dermatology care with your health and best interest in mind.

Ron Berne, MD

Board Certified Dermatologist

Dr. Berne began his dermatology career by earning his medical degree from Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, and both his Masters and Bachelors degrees from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Emily M. Stevenson, MD

Board Certified Dermatologist

We're excited to welcome Dr. Stevenson to our team! She is accepting new patients at both the Bucktown and Oak Park Dermatology + Aesthetics locations.

Nimra Tanvir, MS, PA-C

Physician Assistant

We're excited to welcome Nimra to our practice! Nimra provides medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology treatments and services.


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Patient Testimonials

"Always a great, friendly experience. Dr. Berne is a great listener, thorough, and works hard to address your concerns."

Alessia C.

"Dr. Berne is an exceptional provider. Got an appointment within 48hrs of calling, waited less than 10mins to be seen after registering, and received a thorough and very informative evaluation. Afterwards, he immediately set things in motion, has been very communicative throughout, referred me to other providers, and made it a point to deliver on everything he promised. Highly recommended to anyone in the area seeking a dermatologist."

Mitch K.

"Thorough professional and patient friendly. Staff is equally pleasant and professional."

Richard D.

"Dr Berne and all his staff are so kind and upbeat - it's especially appreciated since going to the dermatologist isn't what we all love doing..."

Julie O.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a variety of skin care services to help with issues like acne, rashes, lesions, rosacea, skin growths, eczema, skin cancer identification and treatment, and much more. Check out a complete list of our services on our website.

We offer a variety of cosmetic treatments to help with wrinkles, fine lines, scars, skin tightening, unwanted hair and more. Check out a complete list of our services on our website.

Trust your skin care to a professional. Board-certified dermatologists have completed medical school and three to four years of advanced medical training in diseases of the skin, hair and nails. They’ve passed rigorous exams in dermatology to specialize in treating over 3,000 conditions. They’ve also made the commitment to keep up on the latest advances in dermatology.

Fellowship-trained cosmetic dermatologists spend an extra year of specialized training learning in-depth evaluation of the skin, performing specialized procedures, and managing patients to ensure excellent results. By choosing our practice, you can rest assured that you will receive the highest quality of cosmetic care with ideal outcomes.

Scheduling or updating an appointment is easy. Simply give us a call or you can make an appointment on our website.

If coming for your first visit, please bring your insurance card, if applicable, and a legal guardian if you are under the age of 18. Please come prepared to provide your health history on your new patient paperwork as well.

Your first visit begins with a consultation with your board-certified dermatologist. Prior to care, we will get your health history and perform a clinical evaluation of the skin to determine which treatment options are the best fit. We will customize both a treatment plan and a skin care regimen if desired. Important pre- and post-treatment instructions will also be provided to accompany most treatments.

We accept a variety of major insurances for your skin care. We have examples of insurances we accept on our website. If you don’t see your insurance listed, please contact us and we will verify if we accept.

All three are medical charges you must pay out of your own pocket, even if you have insurance. Deductibles are a specific amount you must accumulate and pay each year of covered health services before benefits are provided by your carrier. Plans may also have separate individual and family deductibles and/or deductibles for separate services. Copayments are a set fee the member pays to providers at the time services are provided. Copays are applied to office visits, emergency room visits, hospital admissions, etc. Coinsurance is a form of cost sharing. After your deductible has been met, plan will begin paying a percentage of your bills. The remaining amount, known as co-insurance, is the portion due by the patient.

With our patient portal, you can access and manage your appointments, get test results, update your contact/patient information and pay your bills online. Speak with one of our team members for how to gain access to your patient portal.

Yes, we do carry select skin care items from industry-leading brands. Visit our practice for more information or give us a call for more information.

During the exam, your provider will evaluate your moles, freckles, bumps and any other areas of concern. Concerning abnormalities may include asymmetry, irregular border, irregular color, and any new or quickly changing moles. Any lesions of concern will be noted by your doctor and treatment options may be discussed.  

Certain environmental factors can inflame your existing eczema. While the exact product or irritant is specific to the individual, many are found commonly within the home and outdoors.  

Some irritants that are found in the home are: 

  • Shampoos 
  • Disinfectants 
  • Detergents 
  • Soaps 
  • Long exposure to hot baths or showers 
  • Man-made fibers 
  • Even some juices, meats, and fruits.  

Some irritants found outdoors are: 

  • Dust 
  • Pollen 
  • Mold 
  • Pet dandruff/hair 
  • Sun exposure 

If you suffer from eczema, it’s important to remember these irritants and try to track what is causing an outbreak. You should also investigate the ingredients of your shampoos, body washes, lotions and creams. For example, many shampoos and skin lotions use a substance called cocamidopropyl betaine as a thickener to make them more appealing to consumers. For this reason, many patients with eczema must look for soaps, skin creams and cosmetics that do not contain these eczema irritants. You can work in partnership with your dermatologist to identify which substances in these products irritate your eczema so that you can select the best options for your situation. 

Many factors can trigger acne breakouts. Here are a few of the most basic, leading contributors: 

  • Hormonal changes cause many of us to experience unruly breakouts in our teen years and even up to our late 20’s. 
  • Certain medications can cause acne breakouts to appear more frequently and may even take longer to get rid of them. These medicines include corticosteroids, testosterone or lithium.  
  • Diet is a leading contributing to acne breakouts. Eating foods high in starch, sugar, fat and dairy can increase the risk of adult acne. Eating more fruits and vegetables can help to decrease your risk.  
  • Stress can contribute to acne breakouts by making the breakout worse.  

Psoriasis can leave your body with several noticeable signs and symptoms. Here are a few: 

  • Plaques of reddened skin 
  • Itchiness and pain on the plaques 
  • Silver-colored scaled on the patches of affected skin 
  • Discoloration and pitting in the nails 
  • Detachment of the nail from the nailbed 
  • Crusting scales on the scalp 

If you have struggled with warts in the past, you may be wondering what exactly would warrant a visit to your dermatologist, as most warts go away without treatment. However, some warts can become red and swollen. Your wart may also become painful to touch. If these symptoms occur, you should call your doctor and get the wart checked. You should also seek treatment if you notice bleeding or oozing from the wart. 

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