Patch Testing TRUE-Test

How Does Patch Testing TRUE-Test Work?

The TRUE test, also known as patch testing, is a quick and easy way to check for and diagnose allergic contact dermatitis in patients. The TRUE test involves attaching three panels of thin material to the back. These films contain allergens that, when moistened by contact with the skin, release the allergens into the dermis. When your doctor removes the test patches, they will be able to tell which allergens caused a reaction with your skin. Allergens that can be tested for with the TRUE test include wool, rubber, gold, benzocaine and nickel. The true test is also safe for people as young as six years of age.

Conditions Treated by Patch Testing

Patch testing is ideal for patients with unusually sensitive skin or who experience allergic contact dermatitis on a regular basis. By taking a TRUE test, you and your doctor can determine what allergens are triggering the allergic response in your skin. If you have a history of allergic contact dermatitis, speak with a medical professional about exploring your patch testing options.

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