How Does Sclerotherapy Work?

Spider veins can be a frustrating vascular condition while varicose veins can become swollen and even painful. Sclerotherapy was developed as a treatment for both of these conditions. In sclerotherapy, a medical professional injects a solution directly into the damaged veins. This solution then causes the vein to form a scar, which in turn, forces blood going through the vein to reroute to healthier veins. Without any blood supply, the vein collapses and becomes reabsorbed into nearby tissue before eventually fading. Sclerotherapy is one of the most effective treatments for vascular disorders of the skin.

Conditions Treated by Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is used primarily in the treatment of spider and varicose veins. Side effects associated with the treatment can include mild inflammation and swelling, possible blood clot, air bubbles and an allergic reaction. If you are interested in receiving sclerotherapy for spider or varicose veins, speak with a medical professional today about how this vascular treatment can improve your quality of life.

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