Surgical Removal Excursion

How Does Surgical Removal Excursion Work?

Surgical removal excursion is a minor surgical procedure used in the treatment of lower risk skin cancers. In a surgical excision or excursion, the area around the lesion or growth is numbed using a local anesthetic. The doctor then cuts out the lesion or tumor, along with some of the healthier skin surrounding the affected area. The remaining skin is stitched together. In some situations, a skin graft might be needed to cover the area of the surgical removal excursion. Most patients will be left with a scar the size of the area that was removed during this minor surgery.

Conditions Treated by Surgical Removal Excursion

Sometimes referred to as a surgical excision, a surgical removal excursion is used primarily to treat lesions and growths associated with low risk skin cancers. A surgical excision can also be used for cosmetic purposes such as removing an unwanted tattoo. Since the surgical excision is a minor surgery, it should only be pursued after a careful consultation with a trained medical professional.

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