CO2 Laser Resurfacing

What is CO2 Laser Resurfacing?

CO2 (carbon dioxide) lasers vaporize thin layers of skin with a high-energy beam of light. As the skin heals, collagen is produced which creates improved skin elasticity. This effective process minimizes wrinkles, reduce scarring, increase collagen and create an even skin tone. Those with lines, acne scars or wrinkles are often good candidates, as are those with elastic skin and without pre-existing health issues.

The Treatment Process

Based on your specific needs, your provider will determine how much resurfacing is needed. You may choose to have it used on your entire face or specific skin areas. CO2 laser skin resurfacing is often done with anesthesia, so there can be minimal discomfort during the procedure. The number of required treatments and results seen will depend on your situation. If you are treating a specific problem like acne scarring, it may require more treatments than if you want to treat fine lines and wrinkles.

What Results Should You Expect?

After treatment, you can expect a significant improvement with age spots, fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, uneven coloration, skin laxity, and other issues. The skin will continue to improve for a period of six months following the procedure, if proper skincare is used and sun exposure is minimized. Side effects are usually minor and go away shortly after treatment. Most common side effects include redness, swelling and irritation. Ask your providers about what other side effects may be possible.

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CO2RE 1 before

Before CO2 Laser Resurfacing

Female patient with fine lines and wrinkles.
CO2RE 1 after

After CO2 Laser Resurfacing

Results three weeks after CO2RE treatment.
CO2RE 2 before

Before CO2 Laser Resurfacing

Female patient with wrinkles.
CO2RE 2 after

After CO2 Laser Resurfacing

Results one month after CO2RE treatment.

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