Alexandrite Laser Treatment

What is the Alexandrite Laser?

The Alexandrite Laser is used to treat pigmentation issues, brown spots, birthmarks, and other skin issues. It uses focused light energy via an alexandrite crystal. The light produced targets pigmented areas, causing them to fade or break up. 

How Long Does Alexandrite Laser Treatment Take?

The procedure takes around 15 minutes, depending on your specific needs. Afterwards, you may feel a heat sensation like a sunburn for up to 30 minutes. Other than that, no downtime is required. The areas treated will darken and may be sensitive as they heal. To avoid scarring, don’t pick at the treated area or wash too excessively. Keep the area protected from sun exposure.

The Alexandrite Laser is FDA-approved and has an outstanding safety profile, but like any procedure, there still some risks of side effects. Talk with your dermatologist more to confirm if treatment is right for you.

What Results Should You Expect?

The Alexandrite Laser is great for treating smaller brown spots and lesions. Larger pigmented areas may require several treatments. Once healed, these spots typically don’t return. Keeping your skin protected while in the sun will help new spots from forming.

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