Sunetics Hair Growth Laser

The Sunetics laser is a safe and effective hair growth treatment option. With no downtime and little to no discomfort, it acts as a great first-line treatment or works best in conjunction with other treatments.

What Equipment is Used?

The Sunetics laser consists of a panel of red-light diode laser that penetrates deep into the skin, reaching the hair follicle, and stimulates the cells to increase ATP production and thus remove DHT. An increase in ATP causes hair follicles to increase their activity resulting in longer growth cycles. The laser energy also increases blood flow and oxygen while decreasing inflammation creating a healthy environment for hair growth.

What Will The Procedure Feel Like?

The treatment is painless and patients are able to read, use their phone, work, etc. while it is being performed. There is no heat, so patients feel nothing during their procedure.

Do I Have to do Anything to Prepare in Advance?

The Sunetics laser requires little to no prep on the patient’s part. Nothing is applied to the scalp or hair and the treatment can be performed on clean, dirty, or styled hair.

What Will I Look Like Afterwards?

Because of the nature of the procedure, there is no downtime and no visual changes to the treated areas.

How Many Treatments are Necessary?

Treatments progress through three stages:

  • Phase 1: Twice a week (should not be two consecutive days) for three months where excessive shedding is reduced.
  • Phase 2: Once a week for three months where the quality of existing hair is improved resulting in thicker, fuller, shinier hair.
  • Phase 3: Twice a month for six months where new growth may be noted with an increase in thick, healthy hairs.

Who Cannot Have The Treatment?

Sunetics laser is safe for most patients. If you are currently pregnant you cannot have the treatment. Sunetics works on existing follicles. Those whose hair loss has progressed too far may not see adequate results. Your provider will discuss with you if you are a good candidate.

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