Immune System Suppressants

How Do Immune System Suppressants Work?

When certain diseases are present in the body, the immune system does not work properly. Instead it attacks tissues in the body and causes damage and inflammation. An immune system suppressant, such as Imuran or CellCept, steps in to address this by suppressing the activity of the immune system and reducing the production of chemicals that create inflammation. This reduces the damage on surrounding tissues and improves the symptoms of a disease or condition.

Conditions Treated by Immune System Suppressants

Immune system suppressants, including Imuran and CellCept, are used in a wide range of conditions in which the immune system has begun to damage tissue. Sometimes they are used as the main intervention but sometimes they are used sparingly, since they can cause significant side effects in some patients. Some immunosuppressants are used to treat eczema, bullous disease and allergic contact dermatitis.

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