Mole and Skin Cancer Screening

A mole and skin cancer screening is a full body review of all present lesions. Recommended frequency will be discussed based on your individual cancer risk. Risk factors include history of tanning or blistering sunburns, fair skin, number of moles and family history.

What Should I Expect During The Exam?

The mole and cancer screening exam is meant to be a comprehensive evaluation of lesions. All moles, bumps, discoloration and any other spots that are concerning should be pointed out to your provider. For this reason, all patients are asked to change into a gown.

What is Being Looked For During The Exam?

Our providers are highly trained to recognize the clinical features of abnormal lesions including asymmetry, irregular border, irregular color, new or quickly changing, and other warning signs of potential cancerous lesions. Any lesions of concern will be noted. Treatment options will be discussed at the time of exam.

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