Narrowband UVB

How Does Narrowband UVB Work?

Narrowband UVB is a form of phototherapy widely used to treat skin diseases. It offers a great alternative to other UVB conditions, as it uses shorter exposure times with higher intensity, resulting in a shorter course of treatment. It is also more likely to clear skin conditions. It is thought that narrowband UVB phototherapy results in longer periods of remission before recurrence of a condition. Narrowband UVB is applied directly to the skin using specialized light bulbs and is a pain-free procedure that requires no recovery time.

Conditions Treated by Narrowband UVB

Narrowband UVB is primarily used in the treatment of vitiligo and psoriasis. It is a preferred treatment for many medical professionals because it can be safely used with children and pregnant women. If you are a patient with vitiligo or psoriasis, and you are interested in exploring your options with narrowband UVB, reach out to your medical professional or dermatologist today to discuss.

Conditions We Treat

We recommend consulting a specialist to help determine if Narrowband UVB is the best treatment option for you.


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