Canthacur Treatment

How Does Canthacur Work?

Canthacur is a substance applied topically to the skin that works as a vesicant, causing a blister to form on a growth. This blister lifts the wart up and away from the skin over the course of several days. Once the blister dries out the wart, the wart can be easily removed. As Canthacur works on only the epidermal cells and not on the basal layer of the skin, using the substance does not leave scarring or damage on the skin.

Conditions Treated by Canthacur

Canthacur is commonly used to treat warts. It can also be used to treat molluscum, a skin condition in which a series of small bulbous lesions appear on the skin. Canthacur can be found in OTC versions or in prescription strength for more resistant warts or growths.

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