Your practice deserves the best. So does your future.

At VitalSkin Dermatology, we’ve designed a different kind of practice management company. One that’s built from the ground up to help each physician design exactly what they want for their career and lifestyle. We are focused and experienced at aligning with the unique needs and aspirations of dermatologists by individualizing long-term plans for optimizing clinical and financial goals.

Focused on Dermatology.

Today, dermatology is a $14B market that continues to grow. We believe the involvement by traditional private equity firms in recent years provides a clear opportunity to differentiate ourselves and to partner with dermatologists to help them grow and prosper.

  • More hands are needed
    The demand for dermatology is growing faster than the number of new dermatologists, creating the need to solve access to care issues while maintaining the highest quality of care.
  • Growing need for an operating partner
    From electronic health records, to new practice technologies, insurance reimbursement, and navigating new Medicare reimbursement rules, running a successful dermatology practice is becoming more difficult and more time consuming.
  • Shift in practice behavior
    44% of dermatologists are 55 years or older and new dermatologists no longer want to be sole practitioners.
  • Telemedicine and artificial intelligence bring massive potential for dermatology
    There is potential to improve patient access and reduce supervision risk of advanced nurse practitioners.
Build What You Love.
Love What We Build Together.

Whether you want to grow your practice, enjoy more patient time without administrative headaches, pursue family and lifestyle interests—or a combination—our innovative operating model is built to align with your clinical, financial, and lifestyle priorities.

Aligned for Success
Our family-based approach puts dermatologists at the center of everything we do, ensures autonomy over clinical care, shares the financial upside of the business, and provides a network of like-minded people with whom to collaborate and grow.
Growth with Confidence
By using stable capital and taking a long-term investment approach, you can depend on VitalSkin Dermatology having solid financial strength, and being a reliable partner for physicians, management, and employees.
Freedom to Focus
With a process that minimizes operational aggravations, administrative problems, and financial risks, VitalSkin dermatologists get the time and peace of mind to focus on patient care and practice growth—in whatever balance they choose.

Being aligned with physician goals means we start by understanding the individual outcomes desired by each physician. Then we work together to maximize financial opportunities, provide exceptional clinical care, and optimize patient satisfaction.

Focused on the Long Term.

VitalSkin is backed by Armory Capital, a family investment office that’s funded with permanent capital.

  • More than 70-year history of investing in private business.
  • Prior success with VitalSkin management team.
  • Funded with permanent capital so decisions are not limited by the life of a particular fund, but based on the merits of the opportunity and the needs of the management partners. This allows Armory Capital to make long-term decisions to help partner companies grow.
Do What You Love.
We’ll Manage the Rest.

We know that when physicians can spend more time with patients and less on administrative work, clinic care benefits and practices grow. So here are just a few of the things we can take off your to-do list.

  • Operations & Finance
  • HR & Recruiting
  • Marketing
  • Payer Relations
  • IT
  • Clinical Education
  • Quality Care Management


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