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Skin Laxity


What is Skin Laxity?

Skin laxity is an age-related skin condition where the skin begins to lose some of its elasticity. It appears most frequently around the cheeks and the jawline. It can also occur around the body, especially in patients who have lost a significant amount of weight over time. Treating skin laxity typically involves outpatient procedures and at-home remedies, though surgical remedies can be taken in some cases.

Signs and Symptoms of Skin Laxity

Signs of skin laxity appear most frequently on the face as we age or after losing weight. Signs to look for include:

  • Loss of volume in the cheeks and around the eyes
  • Cheeks that seem to drop
  • A heavier fold in the nasolabial region
  • A jawline that is less firm or even than it once was

What Causes Skin Laxity?

Skin laxity is a natural function of ages in most cases. As we age, our skin loses collagen, the substance that helps it retain firmness. Loss of skin elasticity can also be increased by certain lifestyle choices, such as smoking or getting too much sun. Individuals who lose a good deal of weight can also experience skin laxity. Finally, women who have been pregnant sometimes experience skin laxity around the abdomen.

How Skin Laxity is Treated

Skin laxity can be treated by both home remedies and dermatological treatments. In some cases, surgical intervention can also be used. Home remedies that help with skin laxity include exercise and hydration, as well as using topical solutions such as retinol. Your dermatologist can also prescribe prescription-strength retinoids that boost collagen production in the skin. Making lifestyle changes such as wearing sunscreen and not smoking can also help. Dermatological procedures to consider include laser therapy and micro-focused ultrasound, both of which encourage the skin to produce more collagen and improve tone.

Suggested Treatment Options

All cases of skin laxity are not the same, therefore we recommend seeing a specialist to help determine which treatment option is the best for you.


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