Get Rid of Unwanted Hair

Unwanted Hair


What is Unwanted Hair?

Unwanted hair involves the presence of hair or excess hair in areas of the body that are either visible or create discomfort. For women, unwanted hair can appear on the face, the upper lip or between the brows. Sometimes unwanted hair exists in places others don’t always see but creates discomfort for the patient nonetheless, such as under the arms or in the pubic area. Removing unwanted hair is a cosmetic procedure, but it can also help alleviate some social and emotional distress.

Signs and Symptoms of Unwanted Hair

Unwanted hair can appear anywhere on the body. Signs of this condition include:

  • On women, excess hair above the lip, along the sides of the face
  • Hair between the brows that create a “unibrow”
  • Excess hair in the bikini area
  • Excess hair on the limbs

While women are commonly treated for excess hair, men can experience the condition as well, especially along the upper back and shoulders.

What Causes Excess Hair?

Excess hair is a hereditary trait. Just as you may have received a trait for brown eyes, you might also receive the trait of excess hair. In some cases, women may have a condition known as hirsutism, which creates an excess of hair in male-like patterns and is related to hormone imbalances. Excess hair is not caused by shaving or waxing.

How Excess Hair is Treated

In addition to home remedies such as shaving, waxing or using depilatory creams, individuals who want to remove excess hair can also receive outpatient treatments from a medical professional. Options to consider include laser hair removal and electrolysis, which destroy the root of the hair so that it does not grow again. Your medical professional can also prescribe medicated creams that can slow the growth of hair in certain areas. Whatever method is used should be selected in careful consultation with a professional. Some methods are not appropriate for certain skin tones.

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