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Sagging or Fatty Skin


What is Sagging or Fatty Skin?

Sagging or fatty skin involves a loss of elasticity in the skin which causes the skin to droop or even hang in folds. This can be a natural result of aging or it can result from significant weight loss. In some situations, the situation is such that it requires surgery to remedy. By and large, sagging skin is well treated by a combination of home remedies and dermatological treatments.

Signs and Symptoms of Sagging or Fatty Skin

When we are younger, our skin snaps back and has more elasticity. Signs of sagging skin can appear:

  • Around the eyes
  • Along the jowls
  • At the chin
  • On the throat
  • On the upper arms
  • On the stomach

The sagging skin can be subtle or it can hang in visible folds.

What Causes Sagging or Fatty Skin?

Sagging skin is most commonly caused by aging. As we age, we lose collagen in our skin, which results in an associated loss of elasticity. Sagging skin can also result from a dramatic weight loss and is often seen in those who have had hyperbaric surgery. Pregnancy, too, can cause sagging skin around the abdomen. Finally, and in rare cases, sagging skin can be caused by a medical condition such as cutaneous T-cell lymphoma.

How Sagging Skin is Treated

Sagging skin can be treated by both home remedies and dermatological treatments. In some cases, surgical intervention can also be used. Home remedies that help with sagging skin include exercise and hydration, as well as using topical solutions such as retinol. Your dermatologist can also prescribe prescription-strength retinoids that boost collagen production in the skin. Making lifestyle changes such as wearing sunscreen and not smoking can also help. Dermatological procedures to consider include laser therapy and micro-focused ultrasound, both of which encourage the skin to produce more collagen and improve tone.

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