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Dry Skin

What is Dry Skin?

Dry skin is common for many and can happen at any age. Depending on your case, assistance from a dermatologist may be needed. Skin gets dry when it loses too much water or oil and typically becomes dryer as we age, in the winter and in low-humidity climates. Dry skin symptoms include:

  • Rough or flaky skin
  • Gray, ashy skin with people of color
  • Itching
  • Cracked skin that can bleed
  • Cracked or chapped lips

Whey dry skin cracks, germs can get in and cause infection. Red, sore spots indicate this. Restoring moisture to the skin can help keep it less itchy and less likely to crack.

Other Skin Issues Caused by Dry Skin

With some, extremely dry skin can cause other skin problems.

  • Dermatitis causes inflammation of the skin accompanied with dryness, itchiness or rash. For dermatitis, a corticosteroid or an immune modulator may be prescribed by your dermatologist. Regular moisturizer use can also help relieve symptoms. 
  • Keratosis pilaris causes small, flesh-colored or red bumps that make skin rough. Also known as “chicken skin,” this usually occurs from overly dry skin. It’s most common with children and teens, and appears on the upper arms, thighs and sometimes cheeks. 

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