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Does Botox Really Cure Migraines?

January 23, 2021 by VitalSkin Dermatology

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When you suffer from migraines, nothing can sound better than a new cure on the horizon. In your search for a cure for migraines, you may have come across Botox as a solution to the torment of these headaches. Does Botox really cure migraines? Let’s discuss in greater detail.

Is It a Cure?

Botox is an effective form of intervention for migraines. It is not a “cure,” per se. Currently, there is no known cure for migraines. There are several effective treatments that can manage the condition, and these treatments include Botox.

What Is Botox?

Botox, or OnabotulinumtoxinA, is an injectable commonly used in cosmetic dermatology. It is derived from Clostridium botulinums, a toxin, but is proven safe for use as an injectable and as both a dermatological intervention and as a treatment for certain patients with migraine.

If Botox Is a Toxin, How Is It Safe?

Botox used as a medical injectable is safe because you are not ingesting it. Botulism, the disease that results from the botulinum toxin, occurs when humans ingest and digest foods infected with the toxin.

How Does Botox Work?

Botox was originally found to be an effective cosmetic treatment because it paralyzes muscles in the face, smoothing out the appearance of skin. Botox works to treat migraines by essentially “paralyzing” the neurotransmitters that carry pain signals to your brain. You may still experience the initiating event of a migraine, in other words, but you don’t feel its effects to such a great extent.

Botox has been demonstrated to be very effective in multiple studies. A study of those with chronic migraines, for example, reduced to a significant extent the number of days in the month patients experienced migraines. In a second study, patients who had two rounds of Botox injections said their number of migraine days were halved. Finally, 70% of patients who had five rounds of Botox experienced those same results.

Are There Side Effects to Botox?

As with any medication, there can be some side effects that occur with Botox. Side effects can include hives, swelling in the legs and shortness of breath. You can discuss side effects in detail with your medical professional during your consultation.

Is Botox the Right Migraine Treatment for Me?

When Botox was approved as a treatment for migraines in 2010, it was approved for patients with chronic migraines. This means that you need to have a history of migraines and have headaches on most days of the month, with eight of those headaches, at least, being migraines.

Botox may not be the right option for you if you have headaches fewer than 14 days each month or experience other headache types, such as cluster headaches. Consultation with your dermatologist and doctor can help determine whether Botox is the right treatment for your migraines.

You don’t need to continue to suffer from painful migraines. There are effective treatments available, including Botox. If you would like to learn more about what Botox can do to help your migraines, set up a consultation with a dermatologist today.

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