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5 Benefits of Seeing a Cosmetic Dermatologist

September 12, 2021 by VitalSkin Dermatology

woman receiving cosmetic dermatology

Ready to see a cosmetic dermatologist? You may still be wondering whether consulting with one of these dermatology professionals is right for you. Seeing a cosmetic dermatologist can result in a number of benefits, some of which might never have occurred to you. If you are considering consulting with a cosmetic dermatologist, the following top 5 benefits of seeing one of these skin experts may be just the information you need to take the next step.

1. Improved Skin Tone

The even skin tone of youth is lost on the young! As we age, many of us begin to see spots of discoloration, whether due to scarring or, say, the melasma some women experience after pregnancy. Quality skin care and treatment performed by a cosmetic dermatologist, especially when done in tandem with topical treatments such as retinol, can get you close to those days of yore, restoring your skin to a more even and consistent color.

2. Reduced Scarring

Anyone can be left with scars on their skin. Everything from a childhood disease to acne can leave individuals with scarring that makes them feel self-conscious. Cosmetic dermatology has perfected a number of techniques for reducing the appearance of unsightly scars, including laser treatment, microdermabrasion and more. If you have acne scars on your skin that you wish you could get rid of, an experienced cosmetic dermatologist could help significantly reduce their appearance.

3. Tighter Skin

Woman receiving microdermabrasionAs we get older, we lose collagen in our skin, resulting in looser, sagging skin. Over time, this can leave us feeling as if we no longer look like ourselves. Skin laxity can happen around the jaw at the nasal-labial folds and even at the neck. Dramatic weight loss, too, can compound the effects of aging and leave some individuals feeling like they have aged before their time. Cosmetic dermatology has a number of ways of addressing this problem from the minimally invasive to the surgical. Your cosmetic dermatologist will work with you to determine what approach is best for you and your skin.

4. Healthier Skin

While many associated cosmetic dermatology overall with aesthetics, many of the procedures used in this field can result in healthier skin in the long term. Many of the aesthetic procedures used in cosmetic dermatology reduce unhealthy bacteria in the skin and also heal the skin to create a better barrier between the deeper layers of skin and pollutants in the outside world.

By restoring collagen to the skin, removing dead skin and resurfacing the top layers of skin, and improving cleansing and moisturizing routines through consultation with a patient, cosmetic dermatologists can leave you with cleaner, healthier skin.

5. Increased Confidence

Last but perhaps most importantly, seeing a cosmetic dermatologist can result in the increased confidence that comes with looking and feeling your best. Patients with improved skin and tone often report feeling more confident and less likely to cover up or camouflage their flaws. Working in consultation with the right dermatologist can leave patients feeling better able to approach the world and engage.

Seeing a cosmetic dermatologist doesn’t need to be intimidating. The benefits of seeing one of these dermatology professionals are myriad and can leave you feeling better about who you are in the world. Schedule your first consultation with a cosmetic dermatologist via VitalSkin Dermatology today and experience all the benefits that come with cosmetic dermatology treatment.

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