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Best Types of Skin Care Products For Every Skin Type

April 21, 2022 by VitalSkin Dermatology

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The number of skincare products on the market can be nothing short of overwhelming, with new products appearing each and every day. Determining what are the best products for your skin type means sifting through a lot of information. For that reason, we’ve tried to simplify the process, highlighting the best skincare options for every skin type.

The Best Skin Care Products for Normal Skin

What is “normal” in terms of skin? It is skin with smaller pores and a smoother overall texture. The blood circulation in this skin is healthy, too. As we age, this skin can become dryer, requiring new types of products.

In general, soap is never the best answer for washing the delicate skin on the face and neck, no matter how ‘normal’ your skin. Gel and cream cleansers designed specifically for the face and neck are better options. A lotion-based moisturizer is sufficient for most people with normal skin under the age of 50. After 50, dermatologists recommend transitioning to a cream-based solution to counteract age-related dryness.

Supplemental Products

In addition to the core cleansers and moisturizers used in any routine, those with normal skin may still want to explore some supplemental products, especially as they age. Products with glycolic acid can help resurface the skin as it ages, reducing the appearance of fine lines and helping the skin look fresh and new.

The Best Skin Care Products for Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, you definitely know it. This skin type doesn’t lock in moisture like some other skin types. This can also mean that this skin type has less protection against germs and pollutants. What many do not realize is that this lack of protection can make dry skin prone to breakouts.

Those with dry skin generally will do best with cream-based cleansers, moisturizers, or ointments. Ingredients such as ceramides and hyaluronic acid can add a good deal of moisture to the skin, so including products with these ingredients can be helpful.

Supplemental Products

One misstep those with dry skin can make is exfoliating excessively, especially during the winter, in an attempt to slough off peeling skin. This can only exacerbate the problem, leading to more dryness and breakouts. Instead, either bypass exfoliating in the dryer months or turn to a buffing agent that doesn’t exfoliate too harshly. A 2% BHA liquid exfoliant can also work well.

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The Best Skin Care Products for Oily Skin

As with all skin types, oily skin demands basic two-step care with some potential supplemental products to address oil and breakouts.

Cleansers are the most confusing product for many people with oily skin. They often think they need a stronger cleanser to control the oil. Stripping the skin of moisture with a strong cleanser, however, is not a good solution. This puts the moisture balance of the skin even further off balance. Instead, look for a gentle foaming face wash that won’t aggravate the skin. Any product used on oily skin, including cleansers, should also be oil-free or non-comedogenic. Avoid oil-based or alcohol-based products that can cause irritation.

Don’t skip the moisturizer. Again, stripping the skin of moisture will only exacerbate the situation. Look for gel-based moisturizers if your skin is prone to breakouts, but never bypass moisturizing altogether.

Supplemental Products

Salicylic acid is often used by those with acne to combat breakouts. If acne breakouts are a concern, speaking with a dermatologist can help you zero in on the best interventions.

The Best Skin Care Products for Combination Skin

Combination skin is dry in some regions and oily in others. Typically, the oily region on a combination face is the T-zone that covers the forehead, nose, and chin. The cheeks of the face may be normal to dry in this skin type.

Depending on the skin type on the cheeks, people with combination skin can use products appropriate to either normal or dry skin. When using moisturizers, you can use the same products but can avoid moisturizing the T-zone.

Supplemental Products

Toners are one great supplemental option for those with combination skin. These liquid solutions can help create a more balanced skin tone and neutralize oily areas without stripping them. Quality options can include anything from hyaluronic acid to BHA.

The Best Skin Care Products for Sensitive Skin

Having sensitive skin means that your skin is more prone to adverse reactions, including rashes and inflammation. You may have an underlying condition, too, such as eczema or rosacea.

Ironically, “organic” isn’t always best for sensitive skin. These products can often contain ingredients that aggravate skin allergies. Looking for hypoallergenic and unscented products is usually a better answer.

Supplemental Products

Supplemental products for sensitive skin will vary from one person to the next. As with cleansers and moisturizers, the safest bets will always be those products that don’t include fragrance or allergens.

Whether you have skin as dry as a desert or the most sensitive skin in the world, there is a quality product out there for you. Looking for even more insights into quality skincare and your daily regimen? Consult with a professional dermatologist today.

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