Volume Loss

Also known as soft tissue atrophy, volume loss is a condition in which the skin begins to lose its fullness and elasticity as a result of aging, genetics and other factors that cause structural changes. Volume loss most commonly occurs in middle-aged to older adults, but can happen in cases of weight loss as well.

Signs of volume loss include:

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    Sagging skin, especially around the cheeks and jowls

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    Hollows around the eyes

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    An increased presence of wrinkles

Treatments for Volume Loss

One of the most popular ways to treat volume loss is with injectable hyaluronic acid fillers. These substances provide underlying structural support to minimize hollowness and skin laxity. Our team provides effective hyaluronic acid fillers for improving volume loss. Based on your skin and individual needs, we will determine which filler is best for you and create a personalized plan.

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