PRP for Infraorbital

Improve Texture and Firmness Around Your Eyes

With PRP infraorbital treatment, growth factors in the PRP stimulate new collagen production to increase volume and skin thickness.

PRP for Infraorbital

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy uses the infusion of concentrated platelets taken from the patient’s own blood to accelerate healing in a specific area. PRP contains eight essential protein growth factors that re-energize your cells into rejuvenating themselves.  

For the infraorbital area specifically (under the eyes), PRP injections can be an effective alternative to areas that are difficult to treat with filler. The growth factors in the PRP stimulate new collagen production helping to improve skin texture, firmness and elasticity, increase volume and skin thickness and reduce dark circles caused by thin skin.

What Equipment is Used?

  • Needle and syringe similar to what is required for a basic blood test. PRP is then processed in a Cervos Key PRP System cartridge. 

Pre-Treatment Instructions

  • Patients should avoid aspirin and NSAIDs for one week prior to treatment. Taking blood thinning medications in the week prior to treatment reduces the number of platelets, making the treatment less effective. Tylenol is okay to take if needed the week prior. 
  • Patients may continue their topical treatments up to the day of treatment.
  • Alcohol should be avoided at least 3 days prior to treatment to reduce the risk of bruising. 
  • Drink plenty of water prior to your appointment to make the blood drawing process easier. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Will the Procedure Feel Like? 

PRP is created from a small vial of blood and spinning the sample to isolate the platelet-rich plasma from the red blood cells. The clinician will draw a small amount of blood similar to a blood test. The plasma portion of the sample will be drawn into a syringe and injected into the area under the eyes or other areas of volume loss. Patients find the treatment to be very tolerable. 

  • How Many Treatments Will Be Needed? 

A series of three treatments spaced four to six weeks apart is recommended.  

  • What Will I Be Like After Treatment? 

It is expected to have mild swelling after the treatment and usually resolves after one to three days. Patients may experience a feeling of pressure in the area. Bruising may occur and last a week.  

  • What Type of Results Can I Expect?  

With a series of treatments, the majority of patients report they are satisfied or very satisfied with results noting improvement in dark circles, wrinkles and laxity. Maintenance treatments are needed, typically once or twice per year. 

Before & After PRP for Infraorbital

prp before 1


prp after 1


prp tetra before 1


prp tetra after 1


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