Freckles & Sunspots

Freckles are small, flat patches of pigment that form under the skin. They often show up during childhood and can extend into early adulthood. Exposure to the sun’s UV (ultraviolet) rays can make freckles darker and more prominent, especially if you have lighter skin. Similarly, sunspots can also develop on the skin when exposed to UV rays. Typically, sunspots appear as a single spot and are larger than freckles.

Causes of Freckles & Sunspots

Freckles are often genetic. They are most common among people with fair skin or red hair, but anyone can have them. If you have dark skin, your freckles may show up as darker brown spots.


Sunspots are caused by exposure to the UV light in the sun or in commercial tanning beds, which causes the pigment cells in the skin to become overactive. This creates an excess of melanin (skin pigment) in the areas exposed to the sun, which leads to the brown or black color of sunspots. Those with lighter skin tones or who have a history of sunburn or excess sun exposure are more likely to develop the condition.

Treatments for Freckles & Sunspots

Our team utilizes laser photorejuvenation for treating a variety of skin issues involving damage or discoloration. Photorejuvenation is a pulsed light treatment used to improve visible blood vessels, skin tone and more. This treatment is also a great option for improving the appearance of sunspots, sun damage and freckles.


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