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What is AviClear?

AviClear is a laser treatment to improve mild to severe inflammatory acne. It uses a specific wavelength of light to target and suppress sebaceous glands. Unlike other acne treatments that typically focus on other acne causes and symptoms, AviClear stops sebum production from its source to prevent breakouts. A series of three treatments scheduled once a month is recommended for optimal results. This treatment is safe to perform on all skin types.

What Equipment is Used?

Cutera AviClear Laser System (1726nm)

What Will the Procedure Feel Like?

The treatment consists of multiple pulses delivered over the treatment area. Each pulse has a brief heat that is mildly uncomfortable. A sapphire cooling tip pre and post cools each pulse making the treatment very tolerable for most patients. On average, the treatment takes approximately 30-40 minutes. Topical anesthetic (numbing cream) cannot be used with AviClear treatments.

Pre-treatment Instructions

  • It is best to arrive with clean skin free of makeup.
  • To minimize discomfort, one may take up to 600mg of ibuprofen one hour prior to treatment.
  • If you have a history of cold sores, please let us know before the day of the procedure. Your provider may suggest an oral medication to prevent flare.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Will I Be Like After Treatment? 

Most patients will experience mild erythema (redness) of the treatment area or lesions for up to one day post treatment. Some patients may experience edema (swelling) of lesions for up to two days post treatment. Mild flareups (purging) of inflammatory acne lesions are common after treatment. Flareups have been reported by up to 50% of patients. When flareups occur, they typically peak at two to five days after the treatment and resolve over two to three weeks. Temporary mild dryness and itching of the treatment area is also common, occurring in up to 25% of patients. When dryness and itching occur, it is normally noticed one to two days after treatment and typically resoles in a few days to two weeks with use of moisturizer, however it can last up to four weeks in a few patients. 

  • What Type of Results Can I Expect? 

In studies, 80% of patients saw at least half of their acne clear in the first three months after a series of three treatments. Three months after their third treatment, 87% of patients stated they were satisfied or very satisfied with results. Long-term results have been seen one to two years out with continued improvement. 

  • Who Is a Good Candidate for AviClear? 

Anyone who struggles with acne can benefit from AviClear treatment. This makes AviClear different from many other laser acne treatments that only accommodate certain skin tones due to their targeting of melanin. Age isn’t a factor either, so teens and older adults alike can be good candidates for AviClear.  

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