VIP Skin Rewards

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Introducing our new rewards program.

Three Ways to Save with Rewards


Earn Points on Purchases

Earn 1 point for every $1 spent on product purchases.


Redeem Rewards

For every 750 points earned, receive $30 off your next product purchase or choose one of our free VIP Loyalty Reward Product offerings at that time.

Two $30 rewards can be exchanged for a Premium Tier 2 product.


Birthday Discount

Show us it’s your birthday month at checkout and receive 10% off one full price product or cosmetic service.

Enroll in VIP Skin Rewards Today

Any unused points expire 1 year after earned. Make sure to redeem earned points before any points expire. If expired points drop your loyalty amount below 750 points, the reward will no longer be available until 750 points is reached again. Points are earned on dollars spent on products after any coupons, Alle or Aspire point redemptions, certificates and discounts. Points are not issued on cosmetic services or medical dermatology visits and treatments, sales tax, cancelation fees, clearance purchases, purchases of gift certificates, or shipping charges. We reserve the right to change the rules of the VIP Skin Rewards program at any time. The free VIP Loyalty Reward Product offerings are subject to availability and will change regularly. Only one $30 off reward can be redeemed per $150 product purchase transaction. (2) $30 rewards can be exchanged for a Premium Tier 2 product. Minimum spend not required when redeeming a reward for a VIP Loyalty Reward Product.

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