Injectable Wrinkle Fillers and Relaxer

How Do Injectable Wrinkle Fillers and Relaxers Work?

Injectable wrinkle fillers and relaxers are injected underneath the surface of the skin to either fill in wrinkles and furrows or relax particularly strong wrinkles and furrows. These FDA-approved substances are safe for the body and dissolve on their own overtime. In consultation with you, a dermatologist will determine where wrinkle fillers or relaxers are needed. Common relaxers such as Botox are often used to address the furrow between the brows and are directly injected into the furrows.

Conditions Treated by Injectable Wrinkle Fillers and Relaxers

Injectable wrinkle fillers and relaxers are commonly used by dermatologists to address the cosmetic imperfections caused by wrinkles aging and sagging. An injectable wrinkle filler is injected directly into the wrinkle to fill it and create a smoother appearance. Wrinkle relaxers are ideal for expression lines around the brows or mouth where constant muscular tension creates wrinkles.

Conditions We Treat

We recommend consulting a specialist to help determine if injectable wrinkle fillers and relaxers are the best treatment option for you.

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