A Different Kind of Practice Management Company.

In a recent survey of dermatologists who own all or part of their practices, over 50% indicated that they were interested in selling their practices to a physician practice management company or another practice. However, their reasons for considering a sale and definitions of what post-sale personal and practice success look like varied significantly.

At VitalSkin, we understand that different doctors have different goals. Some dermatologists want a partner to bring capital and resources to help their practice grow to new levels. Others want more time to spend on patient care and their personal lives without the headaches of day-to-day administrative duties. And some just want an exit plan. Our goal is to get to know each dermatologist personally and work together to understand your priorities and create a path forward that’s aligned with your clinical, financial, and lifestyle priorities.

Aligned for Synergy.

Whether you want to grow your practice, enjoy more patient time without administrative headaches, pursue family and lifestyle interests—or a combination—our innovative operating model is built to align with your clinical, financial, and lifestyle priorities.

Clinical & personal autonomy
Physicians will determine the clinical
decisions of their practice, from services to medications prescribed, and diagnostic decisions. Physicians also manage their own schedules and control the number of patients they choose to see each day/week.
Physician-based decisions
Physician work groups help to create a culture of collaboration and ensure that we’re getting input straight from the source. These workgroups will make decisions over the operations of the business including workflow, facility design, preferred supplies and equipment, etc
Hub and spoke model
This model employs medically supervised advanced practice nurses to improve patient access, leverage our physician expertise, and enables growth for the physician and business at an accelerated rate.
State of the art solutions
Improve patient access and outcomes and support the supervision of our advanced practice nurses using state of the art technology.
Collaborative Culture
Our physicians meet periodically for networking, collaboration and clinical training.
How We’ll
Measure Success.

As any strong, stable business we’ll track and measure performance. Except, we aren’t starting with company profitability. Instead, we prioritize physician and employee satisfaction, which we believe will lead to exceptional patient care and profitability.

We seek to be the leading dermatology practice management company as measured by these
important factors:

Physician Satisfaction
Number of Physicians Served
Employee Satisfaction
Company Profitability

Join Us

Join Us.

In selling your practice, the key in picking a practice partner is to match what you want and value most with what that organization can offer. In short, it’s all about alignment and the organization’s ability to be the relationship you need to achieve your long-term financial, patient care, and lifestyle goals.

We believe that our steadfast focus on the dermatologist, experienced management team, and innovative operating model make us the right practice partner for the right dermatologist. No matter your priorities, VitalSkin is here to help accelerate what you’ve already built and help you take it to the next level.

By joining VitalSkin you have the opportunity

  • Get in on the ground floor
    Continue to be an equity shareholder so you can partake in the governance and financial upside of a larger business.
  • Leverage growth opportunities
    Have the resources you need to pursue your practice goals and an operating model that provides the opportunity to return to pre-sale income.
  • Alleviate administrative burden
    Get back your time to spend on what matters to you.
  • Positive, collaborative, family-driven culture
    Feel supported when you partner with us.
  • Maintain clinical and personal autonomy
    Continue to exercise control over your life.

All backed by steady capital and a long-term investment approach.

Thinking About Selling
Your Practice?

When you speak with VitalSkin Dermatology, you’ll be talking to a knowledgeable consultant, and working with a skilled management team—both of whom are guided by physician co-founders with the first-hand clinical and patient experience to truly understand your situation.

Together, this expert team will help guide you through the process with efficiency and peace of mind.


Start by getting answers and information about the process, metrics, and terminology of selling your practice by downloading our free guide titled A Comprehensive Guide to Selling Your Practice. Fill out the form below to download the guide.

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